Thank you for your interest in presenting at a continuing medical education or professional development event hosted by Family Medicine Foundation of Michigan, Michigan Academy of Family Physicians' philanthropic arm.

Presentations by family physicians, family medicine residents, and associated experts are welcome!

Interactive sessions that include discussions, hands-on activities, and/or demonstrations are always well-attended and encouraged.

Sessions should include current topics of interest and new studies, technologies, and/or procedures.


For your presentation to be submitted for CME approval by American Academy of Family Physicians, this proposal must identify a professional gap, a needs assessment, learner objectives, cited resources, and complete speaker information. For CME approval, presentations must clearly convey how the course will directly impact healthcare delivery and patients' well-being.

If you have any questions regarding your presentation submission, please contact MAFP at

It is the responsibility of the presenter to submit a presentation proposal in its entirety. Consideration will only be given for complete submissions. This includes:
  • providing the full name, professional title, designation/degree, brief bio, address, email, and phone number for each presenter involved in the presentation content and/or delivery
  • identifying the professional gap, needs assessment, learner objectives, cited resources to ensure content validation, and a 3-5 sentence description of the presentation for CME approval and marketing materials
  • ensuring that all necessary forms and materials are submitted to MAFP's Meeting Planner by the designated deadlines:
    • presenter agreement
    • presenter's professional head shot photo
    • conflict of interest form
    • presenter's brief bio
    • presentation and/or handout materials
  • agreeing that if there is more than one presenter, presenter #1 becomes the primary contact and will ensure all group members submit required documentation as required and are updated on presentation-related matters
  • ensuring that all who have collaborated with you on presentation content are clearly identified so we may collect a conflict of interest form from them

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* 1. I understand the presentation eligibility and I accept the presenter responsibilities listed above.

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* 2. My preferred presentation format is: