PRA•X•IS Final Survey

This Final Survey is intended for those who took part in one or more of our PRA•X•IS challenges throughout the year (Praying for 35 days, Reading the Entire Bible, the Friendship Evangelism Challenge, the Four-Month Tithe Challenge, or Committing 2% of your year to missions).  You may have finished one of those challenges, or you may be in progress - both are fine!

The goal of this survey is for you to determine how your spiritual life has changed as a result of these practices.  Hopefully, you remember or retained your results from the Initial Survey in September, so you have something to compare.  If not, don't worry, this will still be a beneficial experience for you!

At the end of this survey, you will get a numerical score that represents your accumulated answers.  Please don't imagine that this score in any way ranks or judges your spiritual life.  Instead, it's designed to help provide a private assessment tool for purposes of private self-comparison.  Think of it like the scale in your bathroom!  There is no "right" score.

If you find that engaging in these spiritual practices has had a positive effect on your relationship with Jesus, I encourage you to keep going!  Although our PRA•X•IS Experiment is ending, you can carry on with these practices and tools for years and years to come!  Like in a physical exercise routine, both getting in shape and staying in shape require regular attention.

Finally, your score is private and only you will see it.  We will retain only the aggregate data and cannot/will not identify individual surveys unless you chose to include your name and email at the end (purely optional).

Thanks for taking this final step in PRA•X•IS: The Experiment!