Project Background

The Ponto Beachfront Villages (East/West) is a development project proposed by The Shopoff Group (The Developer) which is currently under review by the City of Carlsbad. The project is to be located along the northeast corner of Avenida Encinas and Highway 101. This new development will encompass 7.24 acres and will be situated on both the eastern and western portions of currently non-developed acreage on Ponto Drive.

The current plan will consists of two distinct projects – an eastern and western site. There are a total of 191 residential dwelling units as well as 13,000 square feet of commercial space in the project. Ponto Village East will contain 76 (for sale) townhomes and 73 (for rent) condominiums. Ponto Beachfront West will include the limited mixed-use commercial/retail space of 13,000 square feet and proposes to have 42 residential units which will be located on the 2nd and 3rd stories above the commercial space. The entire project will consist of 14 three story residential buildings.

In early April 2015, residents of San Pacifico and any others within 600 feet of the project site should have received an “Early Public Notice” from the City of Carlsbad notifying them that the project was under review by the City of Carlsbad’s Planning Division.

The San Pacifico Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors approved the formation of the Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee which is comprised of San Pacifico residents who intend to provide information about the development to our community and solicit feedback from its members regarding the development. The Committee hopes to provide a strong, unified voice (with the support of other San Pacifico residents) at upcoming Planning Division, City Council, Coastal Commission and other relevant project review / permitting meetings.

The Committee was tasked by the HOA to develop and distribute this survey. Your comments are welcome and needed if you want to participate in providing positive input and possible changes into the future Ponto Beachfront Villages development.

* 1. Do you support the San Pacifico HOA’s efforts to obtain and provide homeowner’s input and concerns into the Ponto Beachfront Villages development?