* 1. Please choose the title of the podcast you are rating. If you listened to more than one podcast, please complete the survey for each podcast separately.

* 2. The podcast was interesting and/or enjoyable.

* 3. The content provided was straightforward and easy to understand.

* 4. The speaker presented the material clearly and was easy to understand.

* 5. The audio quality of the podcast was...

* 6. The overall quality of the podcast was...

* 7. I would recommend this podcast to others.

* 8. Would you make any changes to this podcast?

* 9. If you had a choice, would you prefer learning about this topic via a podcast, live lecture, video, or text-based article online?

* 10. How did you hear about this podcast?

* 11. What other cancer or health related topics would you like as podcasts?

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