The TECH Group of PMC is involved in looking at the influence of AI in the practice of IP firms. As the Group prepares for the breakout session at the upcoming FICPI Open Forum in Madrid, this survey seeks to delve into the experiences and perspectives of our members regarding the use of AI tools in the realm of intellectual property firm management. Our objective is to uncover the potentials, identify the risks, and assess the overall usefulness of AI technologies as perceived by our community. Your insights will play a crucial role in shaping the discussions in Madrid, providing a comprehensive understanding of how AI tools are transforming our professional practices.

Just a heads up, this survey comes straight from ChatGPT (of course with some additions and corrections) – it's our fun way of showing that we're all in on using the coolest new tech to boost our work.

However, please do not use ChatGPT (o any other AI tool) to reply to this survey!