CEASA Professional Learning Funding Approach: Main Elements

Member associations of CEASA are able to apply for funding under our PL2 professional learning program.  The following information is provided to inform your application and ensure is connects with CEASA foci and priorities.

The overarching purpose of this funding is to build the capacity of successful associations to develop and implement high quality professional learning which results in improved learning outcomes for children and young people. 

When drafting your application one of the key questions for you to consider is how this funding will increase your membership and / or raise your associations profile.


o    Innovation

o    Early Career Teachers

o    Literacy and Numeracy

Priorities re the CEASA / Minister Agreement 2016-2019:

o    implementation of the Australian Curriculum;

o    addressing disadvantage and social justice;

o    alignment of all professional learning programs with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework;

o    Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) Framework and DECD Strategic Directions (learning design, assessment and moderation, General Capabilities):

o    mentoring and supporting early career teachers and new educators;

o    providing leadership training and learning programs aligned with national priorities;

o    engaging in collaborative inquiry learning projects and partnerships;

o    meeting national registration requirements and gathering of professional learning and proficiency evidence. 


Driving Quality Performance

Building Productive and Strategic Relationships

Embedding Sustainability


Important advice on writing your application.

1.       Applications are assessed against the CEASA PL foci and the CEASA / DECD agreement priorities.

2.       Applications are not expected to address all the above.  As a guide, applicants should aim to address one of the CEASA foci and some of the CEASA / DECD agreement priorities. This doesn't preclude other foci and priorities that might be addressed.

3.       If your application cannot address both the CEASA foci and the agreement priorities this does not mean you will not be funded.

4.       It is also useful to keep in mind the CEASA Priorities in its strategic plan. These are important for all associations so if they are a  part of your application then your work could be a resource for others.

5.       Clarity about intended outcomes and how they will be achieved is critical.

6.       Being specific about the type of PL is also critical as it helps the panel assess what you're doing sometimes an important intention can be lost when a generalization is used.

7.       Each Association can only submit one application per year.

8.       Associations can apply for up to $6,000.

9.       Larger amounts can be considered when associations collaborate.

10.    If an association is part of a collaboration of a group of associations it can still apply separately for funding.

11.    Submissions $5,000 or over may require a conversation with the applications panel.

This application should be completed online. If required, additional material to support the application can emailed to: sarah.warner@ceasa.asn.au

For further information or assistance with your application please contact Rod Nancarrow 0438 666 914

Important information and dates:

There is one funding round and it closes 19th January 2018.

Reporting Requirements
Due at completion of project and not later than 13 December 2018. Please see the Terms and Expenditure Details at the end of this application for further details.

Application Briefing Session:
An information session will be held on Thursday 23 November 2017 from 5:15 to 6:15 pm at EDC, Milner Street Hindmarsh.  It is highly recommended that all prospective applicants attend this session to ensure you have all the information required.  If attending please respond via the Eventbrite link below by 5:00 Monday 20 November,
Reserve a place at the PL funding information session

Submitting your Application:
Applications must be lodged via Survey Monkey no later than 5:00pm on 19 January 2018. 

Sample Applications:
Samples of applications will be available at the briefing session.  If you are unable to attend this session and would like the sample applications please contact Rod Nancarrow Executive Director CEASA at director@ceasa.asn.au

Question Title

* 1. Project Leader/Contact Person:

Question Title

* 2. Name of Association:
(or group of collaborating associations):

Question Title

* 3. Project NAME of you professional learning project / activity

Question Title

* 4. What amount of funding are you applying for ?

Question Title

* 5. What is the CEASA focus you are aiming to complement?

Question Title

* 6. What is/are the main CEASA/Minister agreement priorities you seek to address?

Question Title

* 7. Please provide a brief description of your project including the aims you seek and/or intended learning outcomes.
Max 400 words

Question Title

* 8. Please provide details about the nature of professional learning and how that will occur.
MAX 200 words

Question Title

* 9. Addressing Australian Professional Standards
(You are not required to fill in ALL; only those that apply to your particular project/activity.)

Which of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers will the proposed activity project meet?

Question Title

* 10. What part of the Australian Curriculum/EYLF/SACE/Other framework (please name) will the proposal cover?
(If your application does not a address a curriculum framework please provide a brief description as to why.  For example, your project may be about developing teacher mentoring where the focus is on skill development, not the ‘content’. You might describe the curriculum areas of the teachers or how the mentoring project will improve the teaching of an explicit part of a particular curriculum framework.)

Question Title

* 11. Is this proposal part of your strategic plan?
(If you do not have a strategic plan this will not preclude you from funding. Your strategic plan or the aims of your association can give great context to your application)

Question Title

* 12. Can this project support teachers and educators in their various career stages?
How do you see your proposal doing that?
(This may link to thoughts about coaching and mentoring models. This may link to the use of innovative approaches in technology. It may link, but not always, to resource development. It may specifically link to building curriculum leadership capacity. It may link to supporting early career and preservice educators. If your project doesn’t it will not preclude you from funding.)

Question Title

* 13. What could be the possible benefit for children and young people of your proposal? 

Question Title

* 14. How might your project increase your membership?

Question Title

* 15. How will your project potentially impact on learners with diverse needs, e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. EALD, Rural and Remote, Gifted and Talented, Students with a Disability....?

Question Title

* 16. How will your project potentially engage early career and pre-service educators?

Question Title

* 17. How will your program provides sustainable outcomes for your association and the educators involved in the project?

Question Title

* 18. Who is the target audience?
Please be as specific as you can

Question Title

* 19. Estimated number of participants.

Question Title

* 20. What will your evaluation strategies be?

Question Title

* 21. What is your financial strategy related to this activity/project?

Terms and Expenditure Details

I understand that my Association can only submit one application for funding per year (joint applications exempted).

I understand that the CEASA priorities can change each year.

I understand that on conclusion a short report will be required to CEASA. Feedback from participants will be a requirement of this report.

I understand that as part of the terms of funding that we will be required to run one of the following:

           A small workshop for other Associations in CEASA

           Provision of an account of the project for the CEASA newsletter

          Provision of an account of the project for the CEASA Council

          Other options by negotiation

CEASA can support the professional learning part of your application. CEASA can’t cover catering and venue costs.

A budget of the complete project is required which shows the link between the funding and the intended activity.

This application cannot be assessed until a completed budget has been included.

To access the funding template please click HERE and download from Professional Learning page on the CEASA website

Submit to sarah.warner@ceasa.asn.au