Incident reporting and learning

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Thank you for taking part in this survey on patient safety culture and practice.  The purpose is to gather feedback from community pharmacy team members on the current processes in place within pharmacies for reporting and learning from patient safety incidents.  We would like to identify any obstacles which prevent open and honest reporting and find out more about safety culture and practice across the sector. The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group carried out a similar survey in 2015-16, the results of which we considered when developing our reporting principles wheel. 

We would like to hear from all members of practising community pharmacy teams, in all types of roles.  If you work in a number of pharmacies, please respond according to the pharmacy you work in most frequently. 

We encourage respondents to be open and honest in all of their answers.  All results will come in anonymously for collation in order to gain a top-line view from across the community pharmacy sector; we will not be able to identify individuals and no answers will be shared directly with managers or company head offices.  

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete and should be completed in one sitting

Question Title

* 1. What size of community pharmacy do you work in?