As part of our ongoing efforts to measure and improve the level of service provided by the team, we would appreciate you taking 5-10 minutes to complete our confidential patient survey.

* 1. Please indicate who you saw at your most recent appointment

* 2. Please select the response that best describes how satisfied you are with the following:

  Strongly Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied
Contacting our office by telephone, email or other means of communication.
The length of time it took between making your appointment and the visit
The length of time you had to wait in the reception/waiting area
Your overall experience with our reception staff
The length of time you had to wait in the examination room before you spoke with the health care provider about the reason for your visit
My visit with the health care provider I saw contributed to my overall health and well-being

* 3. The last time you were sick or were concerned you had a health problem...Did you get an appointment on the date you wanted?

* 4. The last time you were sick or were concerned you had a health problem...How many days did it take from when you first tried to see your doctor or nurse practitioner to when you actually SAW him/her or someone else in their office?

* 5. Thinking about the MAIN health care provider you spoke with during your most recent visit, on a scale of poor to excellent, how would you rate this person on the following...?

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
They listened to your concerns
Let you say what was important
Took your health concerns seriously

* 6. When you see your doctor or nurse practitioner, how often do they or someone else in the office...?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
Give you an opportunity to ask questions about recommended treatment
Involve you as much as you want to be in decisions about your care and treatment
Spend enough time with you

* 7. How comfortable do you feel talking with your doctor or nurse practitioner about personal problems related to your health condition?

* 8. The last time when you needed medical care in the evening, on a weekend, or on a public holiday, how easy was it to get care without going to the emergency department?

* 9. In general how would you rate your overall health?

* 10. Are you aware that we have group patient education sessions?

* 11. Is there any additional information or feedback you would like to share with us that could help us improve the way we provide care?