Please complete this survey for each school that your children attend.

* 1. Are you aware that the Department of Education Parent Payment Policy was
changed for 2017?

* 2. To your knowledge, does your school comply with the new policy?

* 3. Does your child's booklist make it clear what you are being charged for?

* 4. Has your school requested that any payments for 2018 be made before the end of the  2017 school year?

* 5. Have you been charged for any of the following items as essential items?

* 6. Most schools now expect students to have access to personal learning devices.
Which model/s apply at your child's school?

* 7. Have  you been provided with a copy of your school's BYOD policy?

* 8. Do you have any concerns re your child's experience with BYOD?

* 9. Are you aware that your child's personal device is not covered under the school's  insurance?

* 10. What is your experience re making payments at your child's school either online e.g. Compass or via the School Office?

* 11. If you are happy to be contacted about this survey please leave your name and email address below. It would be very useful for Parents Victoria if you could scan and forward a copy of your children's booklists (de-identified if you wish) to