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Your participation and candid responses will contribute greatly to our understanding of the work from home/remote worker experience during an emergency workplace shutdown.  The data collected will be used by The Remote Nation Institute www.remotenationworks.org to advance our knowledge of the pandemic's effects on the remote work experience.

Be assured all survey results will be anonymized. Names, emails or other personal data will never be published, shared with or sold to any third parties. Final results of this survey will be made available free of charge to any survey participants who wish to receive them.

By participating in this survey you agree to help The Remote Nation Institue research team understand your pandemic work from home/remote work experience and you grant us permission to use your responses to further our knowledge of the pandemic's global impact on remote workers.

Thank you in advance for sharing your very human experience with us. The survey will require approximately 15 minutes of your time. We are most interested in hearing from you and we are extremely grateful for your help advancing our understanding of the pandemic work from home/remote work experience.  

The Remote Nation Institute research team

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