Volunteer List for 40 Hour Work Week

Pursuant to the new contract language in Article 18, Section 3 each agency with P3A members shall maintain a volunteer list of P3A employees seeking additional hours as part of their regular assignment.  This survey will collect the data necessary to create the lists for the respective agencies.  Employees may add or remove themselves from the agency list semi-annually.  The removal dates have not yet been determined. Placement on the volunteer list will not guarantee a 40 hour work week assignment.

* 1. Please identify yourself by providing the following information:

* 2. Identify your agency (check one)

* 3. If applicable, below identify the bureau/office where you currently work.

* 4. Do you want to be on a volunteer list for a permanent work assignment change from 35 to 40 hours per week? (check one)

100% of survey complete.