Thank you for your interest in the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation's Power of Two program!

Power of Two is a peer-to-peer support program for individuals seeking to talk by phone, email, or Skype to other patients or caregivers with IBD. We will do our best to introduce you to a mentor who has had similar specific experiences. This program is designed for short-term support in the form of two conversations over phone, email, or video chat. Mentors are volunteers and cannot provide medical advice or professional counseling.

Please note that this is not an emergency service and matches are typically made within one week. If you need more immediate assistance with your questions, please call our IBD Help Center at 888-MY-GUT-PAIN or email info@crohnscolitisfoundation.org. 

This application must be completed by the person who will participate and cannot be submitted by a family member, social worker, or other proxy except for a parent/guardian on behalf of a minor.

* Children 10 and over may apply to participate in Power of 2 with Parent or Guardian’s signed permission. Please select your participant type.