Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Parents to be,

The Early Years of a child pave the foundation for later development in the future.

In early 2016, the Ministry of Education announced their provincial plan for moving forward with the integration and transformation of child and family programs.  Currently, the Ministry of Education funds four child and family programs in communities across Ontario. These include Better Beginnings, Better Futures; Child Care Resource Centres; Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYC); and Parent and Family Literacy Centres (PFLC).  This new strategy will reorganize several Early Years services to create Ontario Early Years Child & Family Centres (OEYCFC).  The expected start date of these new OEYCFC is January 2018.

Throughout Oxford County, there are many early years’ programs and services for children (0-6 years) and their parents/caregivers. These include the OEYC, Mother Goose programs, and the PFLC. Oxford Community Child Care (OCCC) is the lead agency responsible for the current OEYC in Oxford County while the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) manages the PFLC.

In planning for the new vision for early years in Oxford County, a local needs assessment, in collaboration with parents, caregivers, school boards and community partners, will be conducted to obtain an in-depth understanding of community needs as they relate to early years child and family programs. The needs assessment will assist in the identification of existing service gaps or duplication.

The Data Analysis Coordinator (DAC) in Oxford County will be assisting in this assessment process.

It is very important that you share your thoughts and opinions with us to create effective OEYCFC for children (0-6 years) and their families in Oxford County. We would appreciate your participation in answering a few questions. To do so, please select one of the following options:

1)      Complete a survey online, available on the following websites:
·         Oxford County Human Services - www.oxfordcounty.ca
·         Ontario Early Years Program - www.oxfordearlyyears.ca

2)      Complete a printable PDF survey, available on one of the above websites and submit in person to:
·         Oxford County Administration Building (OCAB) – 21 Reeve Street, Woodstock, ON N4S 7Y3
·         OCCC administration office – 21 Market Street East, Woodstock, ON N4S 1H6
·         PFLC at 110 Winchester, Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 7K6

3)      Complete a paper survey by visiting any Ontario Early Years Centres, Mother Goose Program, or Parent & Family Literacy Centre locations in Oxford County OR by contacting the Data Analysis Coordinator below.

The survey should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Surveys are due by February 14, 2017. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and your answers will remain confidential. Should you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact Derek Conliffe, Data Analysis Coordinator at 519-539-4419.

Thank you for participating in this survey and helping shape programs and services in Oxford County.


Lynda Bartlett                                                    Carole Keeping                                                 Derek Conliffe

Manager, Human Services                           Manager, Human Services                          Data Analysis Coordinator
County of Oxford                                            County of Oxford                                          OEYC
lbartlett@oxfordcounty.ca                           ckeeping@oxfordcounty.ca                         dconliffe@oxfordccc.ca               

3% of survey complete.