Following extremely successful inaugural Open Streets events in 2016 that saw an estimated 10,000 people discovering the streets—the City of Windsor is looking for additional participants to make "OPEN STREETS WINDSOR 2017: AN ONTARIO 150 CELEBRATION" event bigger and better!  In addition to providing a space for people to walk, cycle, roller blade, etc., the organizing team has designated activity hubs for individuals, businesses and organizations to carry out activities that promote health, physical activity, arts and culture. These activities should be mostly free and encourage the greatest possible participation from people of all ages and abilities.

Open Streets is a great way to advertise the products and/or service(s) you, your agency, organization, or business offer.  We expect more than 10,000 participants to attend on Sunday, September 17, 2017.  Open Streets is a great way to broaden the audience of your brand and create a strong association with the values of Open Streets. 

To participate as a supporting activity partner, please complete and submit this activity registration form. 
Participation in Open Streets is free for individuals, businesses, and organizations and all submitted activities will be considered for approval provided they comply with the following requirements (you will be contacted if the activity is not approved).

Open Street activities must:
  • Be participatory.
  • Be able to engage large audiences.
  • Focus on health, physical activity, arts, or culture.
  • Be feasible.
  • Be accessible for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Not involve alcohol, horses, or inflatables (e.g. bouncing castle).
  • If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity but are finding terms of participation challenging, please contact for help with developing a creative way to participate in Open Streets.

* 1. Contact information for individual/business/organization:

* 2. Please provide a summary of the activity you wish to provide.

* 3. The route spans 8 kilometres from Sandwich Town to Ford City (running along Sandwich Street, University Avenue, Wyandotte Street and Drouillard Road).  Please review the planned activity hubs on the route and indicate your first and second preference for location.

* 4. Approximately how much space will you need?  How much time do you require to set up?  (REMINDER:  Tents must not be staked into the ground or asphalt!)

* 5. What capacity do you have to successfully host this supporting activity (i.e. access to equipment/materials/manpower/electricity, established audience to participate, experience implementing this activity at other events)?  Please note the City cannot provide electricity for Open Streets activities.

* 6. Pulling off an event like Open Streets is only possible with lots of volunteer help.  Are you or others in your organization able to volunteer on Sunday, September 17, 2017 within the vicinity of your activity? There are morning and afternoon shifts to choose from.  Duties may include handling of barricades before and after the event, greeting participants, maintaining safety of route for participants, directing unauthorized traffic to alternate routes.  Water will be provided for all volunteers. Full-day volunteers will receive lunch as well.

* 7. Additional Comments

To confirm your registration, please sign the Waiver for Vendor, Exhibitor or Performer and return by email to

* 8. Optional: If you are an individual, please provide a name/title for your activity for mapping/promotional purposes.