Ormond Beach MainStreet is conducting a survey to solicit your ideas on the character and identity of the community, downtown and surrounding area.
Data collected in this survey will be used to develop a cohesive marketing and branding strategy that will look to leverage the City's unique assets and position Ormond Beach and its downtown as a special place.  A Community Brand is a promise a place makes with its people.  A successful brand will communicate that promise and deliver a positive image for residents, visitors, and investors.  The brand will be used to promote businesses and activities, recruit new investment, and contribute to the sense of pride that residents have of their home town.
Your participation is important to the success of this project.  We appreciate you taking time to complete this short survey.
Ormond Beach MainStreet is a 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization with the mission of cultivating a vibrant downtown through promoting events, supporting local businesses, and recruiting new investment.

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