ORCID is a community organization.  We encourage and welcome members of our communities to participate in our governance.  

ORCID holds annual member elections for positions on the next year’s Board. All ORCID members are eligible to nominate representatives to serve as ORCID Directors. Two Researcher Board Director seats are also reserved for practicing scholars, irrespective of their affiliation. There are an unusually high number of current Board directors whose terms are ending, leaving up to 7 open board seats. 

This year, the Nominating Committee will be looking for candidates who:

• Work in organizations which support research, disciplinary associations, university research services, or research technology 

• Have experience with: 

   ◦ risk management, with legal, privacy, and/or IT focus.
   ◦ finance and business modeling 
   ◦ marketing and communications 
   ◦ governance or board service with other organizations

In light of ORCID’s global footprint, and departing Board directors, we will particularly welcome applications from the Americas.

All applications received will be reviewed by the ORCID Nominating Committee (NomCom), chaired by Ed Pentz. Please see the ORCID website for full details of the Elections Process and the Nominating Committee charter 

NomCom will develop a slate based on member recommendations, taking into account the skills and regions noted above as well as all and non-profit status requirements established in the ORCID bylaws.

Board Directors serve for a period of three years, starting with our February Board meeting.  Directors are expected to attend each of our three annual Board meetings and play an active role in ORCID activities during the course of their term. For more about the roles and responsibilities of ORCID Board Directors, please see our Elections webpage.

In terms of the Board meetings, applicants should be aware that:

•  Up through 2019 meetings have been in person alternating between North America and Europe. In 2020, due to COVID-19, definitely one, and probably two, of the meetings will be virtual. For 2021 and beyond there is uncertainty and it’s possible that more meetings will be virtual but to the extent possible a majority of meetings will be in person. 

•  Meetings typically last 1.5 days and tend to be scheduled back-to-back with ORCID-supporting engagements (e.g. workshop or outreach meeting) for which Board Directors are invited but not required to participate;

•  Travel and accommodation to participate in these meetings is self-funded.  Partial reimbursement of meeting attendance costs is available for eligible Board Directors. Full reimbursement is available for Researcher Board Directors. Details of the policy are available in the ORCID Board Meeting Attendance Fund document.  

You may self-nominate or nominate a colleague by completing the Nominations form below. If you are unable to complete this online form, please send your responses to nominations@orcid.org.

Nominations must be received by 1st August 2020.

If you have specific questions about board service or the nominations process, you can email NomCom Chair Ed Pentz directly (edpentz@crossref.org)

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