Welcome to The Survey - 77 Questions

Thank you for participating in the 2020 Open Cities Index Survey. These survey results will be used to complete the most comprehensive assessment available of Open Data Initiatives in Canada, USA, and Internationally.
The OCI Survey Walk-through Guide & Methodology can be accessed here. Please contact us at info@psdrcs.com if you require any additional clarification regarding the survey questions or have any inquiries related to the OCI survey.
*Prior to submitting the survey, continued access to edit the survey is available from the same IP address*
Please reference the Survey Walk-through Guide for definitions and further explanation of survey questions and to maximize efficiency and facilitate cross-departmental collaboration during survey completion.
The results of this survey will solely be used to inform an analysis of open data initiatives in the public sector. Each respondent will receive their score and ranking upon completion of the analysis of the survey in November 2020. Respondents may also opt to receive a tailored Open Cities Index State of Maturity Report for their organization, providing an in-depth analysis of gaps in open data maturity and recommendations to address those gaps. Please contact us for further details about receiving an Open Cities Index State of Maturity Report for your organization: info@psdrcs.com
SURVEY DEADLINE: September 9th, 2020, 12 pm EST
All open data public sector organizations in Canada, USA, and Internationally are encouraged to complete the OCI survey. Results for your country will be made available once participants have completed the survey from your jurisdiction. 
8% of survey complete.