UNICEF Canada’s One Youth is a movement of children, young people and adults who want the best possible opportunities for every young person in Canada. We want to hear your thoughts about what growing up in Canada is like and how it could be better. All people living in Canada are welcome to take this survey—no matter what age!

This survey will ask you questions about:
  • what you think it’s like being a kid in Canada
  • what you feel matters to kids and their well-being
  • how you think being a kid might be different in the future
  • how you would make being a kid in Canada better
Your responses will contribute to the development of the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being. They will also help us understand opportunities and inform future research and programs for One Youth.

This survey will take about 5-15 minutes to complete. Try your best to answer all the questions, but you may skip those that don't apply. The last page has a space for general feedback. Your participation in this survey is voluntary. Your survey responses are anonymous. Data is being collected by Overlap on behalf of UNICEF Canada.

If you have any questions about One Youth or about this survey, please contact:

Alli Truesdell, Youth Participation Lead, UNICEF Canada
416-482-4444 x8826

Lisa Wolff, Director, Policy & Advocacy, UNICEF Canada
416-482-4444 x8897

Thanks in advance for your input!