About the /dev/1 Quiz ... & About You

As part of our OpenMRS Developer Stages, the /dev/1 stage represents developers that are "Learning". Once you reach the /dev/1 stage, you can participate in GSoC or other mentoring programs, post new topics in the developers category on OpenMRS Talk, and propose topics in developer meetings.
This quiz has questions on community tools, Java, Hibernate, and other miscellaneous developer topics. Please make sure you have some time to complete this quiz before beginning. Please also provide links to the required issue & pull request as described in our developer stages process.

Please be very careful entering your OpenMRS ID and URLs correctly on this page. Grading is automated, so incorrect values may prevent you from getting appropriate credit.

Question Title

* Contact Information
(Be certain that your OpenMRS ID exactly matches your username on OpenMRS Talk. If you add this value to the end of 'https://talk.openmrs.org/users/', you should see your Talk profile.)

Question Title

* Please copy & paste here the URL for one OpenMRS issue in JIRA that you've claimed for work.
(The URL must match the pattern 'https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/{ticket}'. If you have claimed multiple issues, just list the first you claimed.)

Question Title

* Please copy & paste here the URL for at least one pull request you've submitted under the OpenMRS organization.
(This must be in the form 'https://github.com/openmrs/{repository}/pull/{id}'. If you have submitted multiple pull requests, just list the first you submitted.)

IMPORTANT: In this quiz, you CAN NOT go back to previous pages once you click "Save Answers and Continue". Make sure this page is correct before continuing!
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