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Mentoring schemes play a pivotal role in society today. The NZLS views mentoring as an effective method for lawyers to share their experiences, goals, and aspirations and make a positive difference in the legal and wider community.
By doing this pilot we aim to learn what will work best for a national programme, so your participation will have both an individual, local and, over time, national benefit.
Privacy Statement:
NZLS will use data collected in this registration process for the sole purpose of the NZLS Mentoring Pilot Programme to match mentors and mentees and provide details to the other programme participants, for other administrative purposes, and to contact registrants.  The registration form collects and stores information through the SurveyMonkey online survey platform SurveyMonkey privacy-policy on behalf of NZLS.  The NZLS will hold the data securely and it will only be reported on an aggregate basis. Information about the NZLS’ privacy and information handling policy is available Here .
By registering for the NZLS mentoring pilot, you agree we can make your personal information, including name and  email address available to mentoring pilot users to facilitate appropriate matching of mentors and mentees.

To view the Code of Ethics for the mentoring programme please click here: NZLS code of Ethics for mentoring programme
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