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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Neighborhood Walking Ambassador for the City of Issaquah! The City is excited to have you help Issaquah become an “active mobility community." The City is co-sponsoring this program with Feet First to help get people in the community involved with the WalknRoll Plan-gineering effort. Through walking, we hope you will have the opportunity to inspire, connect, and inform others about their neighborhood.

All prospective Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors must complete this application with accurate and complete information.

Acceptance as a participant into this City of Issaquah sponsored “WalknRoll” program is not automatic, and is based on the prospective volunteer’s demonstrated interest, availability and other factors. Volunteers will be required to read and sign the Participation Agreement.

All information provided below will be kept confidential. Applications are due on July 8, at 5pm.