Thank you for helping us understand how communications departments are succeeding.

If you’re well-versed in your organization’s communications and how they function, you should be able to answer most of our questions without any preparation. At the end, we’ll ask you to tell us a bit about your organization overall. If you’re not sure what your organization’s budget or staff size is, you might find it online at guidestar.org or in your most recent annual report.

For the purpose of this survey, “communications” means both online and offline work, including newsletters, spoken remarks, email marketing, social media, annual reports, brochures, media relations/PR, etc.

Thank you!

Sarah Durham (CEO of Big Duck)
Kivi Leroux-Miller (CEO of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide)
P.S. We will share data from completed surveys in our final report, which you can request a copy of at the end of the survey, along with other goodies.