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If this is your first time participating in the Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey, welcome!

If you've completed the survey in previous years, welcome back!

Please note that we only need data from nonprofit staff who spend at least  50% of their time doing communications or marketing work. 

Survey Monkey estimates it will take you 17 minutes to complete the survey, so please give yourself that much time.  There are a lot of questions, but it's designed to go quickly  . . . and the report this survey produces for you and your nonprofit communications colleagues will be well worth your time, we promise!

We only use data from completed surveys in the final report. You must hit the "Submit My Survey Now" button for your results to be counted. Of course, all the information you share will be anonymous in the report.

At the end of the survey, you can tell us if you'd like to get a free copy of the Trends Report in January and to attend a free Preview Webinar a week before the Trends Report is released to the public.

Thank you!
Kivi Leroux Miller, Nonprofit Marketing Guide

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* Do you spend at least 50% of your work time on nonprofit communications and/or marketing?

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