* 1. Information

* 2. How long did you foster?

* 3. Have you been a foster parent for a child that was related or known to you?

* 4. What were the age ranges you cared for?

* 5. Do you have family members and/or close friends that are or were foster parents?

* 6. Preparation and Training

  Strongly Agree Agree Feel Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The pre-service training I received was helpful in perparing me to foster
NE Health and Human Services/Agency policies were explained to me
I was aware of the need for continued training/education to maintain licensure
I was active in a foster parent support group
In-service training opportunities were routinely made available
At least 12 of the 24 in-service hours required to re-license were acquired in a group workshop setting

* 7. Was there training that you needed, but didn't receive, which might have influenced your decision to quit fostering?  If so, what training was that?

* 8. Placement, Communication, and Support

  Strongly Agree Agree Feel Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I was satisfied with the information provided to me prior to placement.
I felt free to make decisions to accept or decline placements without fear of negative repercussions.
The Case Managers I worked with were professional and knowledgeable.
Agency/NDHHS personnel were available and open to hear my needs.
Agency/NDHHS workers made face-to-face contact at least once a month with me and the children in my care.
My phone calls to the agency/NDHHS worker were returned within 48 hours or two business days.
It was clear who to contact at the agency/NDHHS when I had a question.
If issues arose with the agency/NDHHS worker, his or her supervisor was avialable to assist me in problem solving when requested.
The amount of contact the agency/NDHHS worker made with my family was sufficient.
The agency/NDHHS supported my own family.
I developed individuallized respite care plans for children in my home and utilized community resources and persons know to the children for respite.
I received the services and resources I needed to meet the needs of the children in my home.
I was involved as a team member in the service and case planning for children in my home.
Networking with other resource families and relative caregivers was made available.
I was given notice of and encouraged to attend court hearings for the children in my care.
Efforts to maintain appropriate sibling contact were encouraged and made available to me.
Opportunities were made available to work with the child's birth parents.
When a child left my care, I was given ample time to prepare that child and my family.
I had input into the visitation plan for children in my home.
I was treated professionally, with courtesy and respect and felt like a valued member of the child welfare team.

* 9. Reason for Leaving

* 10. Would you consider becoming a foster parent again in the future?

* 11. Would you encourage someone else to foster?

* 12. How can we improve the retention of foster parents?

* 13. Any additional comments?