The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival is searching for a group of youth to be our 2018 NextGen Fringers!

Who should apply: Anyone aged 16-21, who is active on their social media platforms and would like to explore the Fringe Festival! You do not need any prior theatre experience, just a keen interest to do something fun this summer! We'd like to get more young people involved in the Fringe, so we’re hoping you’ll come out and see some shows, and spread the word to your friends!

What we need from you: All we ask is that you share your Fringe experiences online by sending out some good vibes on social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – using the #WpgFringe hashtag. We’re NOT looking for 400 word reviews of the shows you see, just quick observations about what you like about the Fringe and the stuff you’ve experienced! The Fringe will be sharing some of your posts with our followers as well!

What you get from us: We’ll provide you with a “VIP 6” pass that you can use to see six shows (or use it to see three show with a friend or family member).

The application deadline is June 29th, 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the program or the application form please contact us at

* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last Name:

* 3. Age:

* 4. Cell Phone #:

* 5. Email Address:

NOTE: We will be contacting you by your EMAIL ADDRESS so please confirm that it is correct and make sure you check it regularly!

* 6. What school do you attend?

* 7. What kinds of social media accounts do you have and use?

* 8. Where can we find you on social media?

* 9. Have you been to the Fringe before?

* 10. Let us know, in a few sentences, why you want to be a NextGen Fringer

Do you agree to the following?

1. To pick up a VIP 6 pass and attend a meet & greet (with free pizza!!) at the beginning of July at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (174 Market Ave.) - Date TBD

2. To attend at least three Fringe shows between July 18 – 29. NOTE: The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival includes a variety of shows that may not be suitable for all viewers. Parents and Guardians of the Next Gen Fringers should be aware that the participants will be responsible for choosing appropriate shows for themselves to attend. Descriptions, suggested audience ratings and content warnings are included in the Fringe program guide and on our website, but this information is provided by the individual companies and may be subject to personal interpretation. 

3. To post a minimum of four times on any of your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts (a total of four posts, not four posts per account! Although we wouldn't complain!) and use the #WpgFringe and tag us @WinnipegFringe

4. To potentially have your social media accounts and posts (including any pictures) shared publicly by the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

5. To write a paragraph (100-ish words) about your Fringe experience mid-way through the festival (around July 24) that we can use to help promote the festival and the NextGen Fringer program for 2019.

* 11. My Parent/Guardian has read and agrees to the list above


Deadline to apply is June 29th, 2018.

Participants will be selected and contacted BY EMAIL shortly afterwards and given further information.

If you have any questions please contact

If you are looking for more information about the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in general please head to our website: