Newcastle Music Festival Evaluation 

How did you enjoy the Newcastle Music Festival?  What benefits does it have for the region, for local performers, and for you?  This survey should take you less than 10 minutes to respond to.  A few tick boxes and a couple of comments are all that is needed.

The survey has been formulated by a team coordinated by the Hunter Research Foundation Centre at the University of Newcastle as pro bono support for the Newcastle Music Festival.  The survey reflects leading practices in festival evaluation.  It should help in improving the Festival and in enhancing its opportunities for funding support.    

1. How many events at the Newcastle Music Festival did you attend this year?

2. Across all Newcastle Music Festival events this year, how many people did you attend with? That is, how much of a group activity for friends and family is it for you?

3. Have you attended the Newcastle Music Festival in previous years?

4. Do you normally attend classical music events?

5. What motivated you to attend the Newcastle Music Festival this year?

6. Do you play an instrument, sing or compose music?

7. Please indicate your age:

8. Gender:

9. Do you live within an hour’s drive of Newcastle?

10. Tell us how you rate the Newcastle Music Festival on the following:

  Excellent Very Good Average Poor Not sure/ No opinion
Overall experience, the ‘vibe’
Management of events – ticketing, seating, etc.
Venues – location and suitability
Program – choice of performers and music
Advance publicity, marketing
Opportunities for local performers
Activities for children
Time of year
Value for money
Catering & food
Info. at event overall - on music, performers, parking, facilities, ...
What do you think of the sponsors who support the Newcastle Music Festival?
What the Festival says about Newcastle

11. What would have made Newcastle Music Festival more enjoyable or worthwhile for you?

12. What would you like to see next year at the Newcastle Music Festival?

13. Did you attend because you know a performer in the Newcastle Music Festival, someone who is currently local or used to be local?

14. Did you see someone you know without realising that they would be performing?

15. Do you know someone who could perform in the Festival in the future?

16. Your personal expenditure in Newcastle associated with your Newcastle Music Festival attendance?

If you bought tickets, meals, etc. for a group of people, just count the cost of one ticket, for example, your own. Include your best estimate of the sum of all of your personal tickets, meals, parking, petrol, accommodation, etc., and all payments made by cash, credit cards, EFTPOS. These figures help to identify economic benefits of the festival on a ‘per person’ basis, which we will then multiply by the number of persons attending.

17. Future activities - On the basis of your attendance, how likely are you to:

  Very Unlikely Unlikely Unsure Likely Very Likely
Attend the Newcastle Music Festival again?
Attend similar events in future?
Recommend the Newcastle Music Festival to others?
Engage more in musical activity – attending, learning, playing?
Support others to take up/continue musical activity?
Explore new cultural experiences in the city and region?
View Newcastle in a more positive light?
Recommend more that others visit Newcastle?

18. Any other comments?

19. Thank you 

All respondents will be entered in a PRIZE DRAW to win 2 Festival Pass tickets to next year’s Newcastle Music Festival.

Please supply your details to enter.  Your name will not be associated with the survey responses that you gave above.

20. Mailing list?   

If you would like to receive information about next year’s Newcastle Music Festival, you can join our Mailing List. Your information will not be passed on to any other organisation.  You will only receive information about this Festival.