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Thank you for your interest in the development of new Oklahoma Academic Standards for English language arts!

The purpose of this survey is to gain feedback on the July 2015 draft of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English language arts for PreKindergarten through Grade 12. 

Eight Oklahoma Academic Standards for English language arts
There are eight (8) Oklahoma Academic Standards for English language arts which integrate reading and writing skills in order to be congruently developed by students through instructional practices and aligned curriculum. The standards are vertically aligned by grade level for developmental appropriateness.

The following are the eight overarching standards:
Standard 1. Speaking and Listening
Standard 2. Reading Process/Writing Process
Standard 3. Vocabulary
Standard 4. Critical Reading/Critical Writing
Standard 5. Language
Standard 6. Research
Standard 7. Multimodal Literacies
Standard 8. Independent Reading and Writing

The Oklahoma Academic Standards for English language arts  July 2015 draft are divided into three grade bands:
*PreKindergarten to Grade 4 
*Grade 5 to Grade 8 
*Grade 9 to Grade12 
to present  reviewers with an overview of the vertical progression of standards from grade-to-grade within the grade band.

In order to view the standards, hyperlinks are available below. Please click either the PreKindergarten to Grade 4, Grade 5 to 8, or Grade 9 to 12 blue hyperlink and the matching standards draft will open in a new window for your access. 

CLICK HERE to access PreKindergarten to Grade 4
CLICK HERE to access Grade 5 to Grade 8
CLICK HERE to access Grade 9 to Grade 12

Please note, links to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English language arts-July 2015 Draft are available in the preceding links and in the correlating grade band survey questions.

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