Thank you for taking this survey! It should take you less than 10 minutes. Your input is essential to helping Metro Transit understand goals and priorities for the future redesigned transit network. 

Metro Transit is starting a process to redesign Madison’s bus network to better meet the needs of residents and businesses.  We’ll be looking at where buses go, how often they come, and what times service begins and ends.  The results could have a big impact on where people can get to in a reasonable amount of time.  That could increase ridership, but also improve access to opportunity for people across the region. 

You may know about the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. BRT is about major improvements on the busiest parts of the network. The Transit Network Redesign is about the network serving all of Madison.

During the redesign, we’ll have to make some hard choices.  Metro Transit doesn’t have more money to run more service, so we’ll have to balance different goals to make our service more effective.  That’s where you come in:  Only you can tell us what the priorities should be.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information from a wide diversity of residents.  We want to hear from everyone.  Improving transit has benefits for the whole community.  It affects traffic, development, the economy, the environment, and racial and social justice.  If you care about any of these things, your opinion matters.