Make a Nomination

NAIOP Minnesota has a long standing tradition of high quality events and activities that are made possible through the time, talents and energies of its volunteers. The criteria for the Volunteer for the Year include outstanding committee involvement, generation of ideas, and/or involvement with NAIOP Minnesota’s community enhancement activities.

NAIOP members can make nominations and nominees must be NAIOP members.
Nominations close on Friday, January 12.

Previous Recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award
2016 Jim Hoopes
2015 Julie Yeazle
2014 Sydney Johnson & Steph Severson
2013 Dan Salzer
2012 Lisa Dongoske
2011 Michele Foster
2010 Dave Sellergren
2009 Mark Reiling & Andy Manthei
2008 Charlie Pfeffer Jr.
2007 Katie Kieffer
2006 Kathy Jalivay
2005 Rebecca J. McDaniel
2004 Kevin Maas
2003 Kim Cameron

* 1. For the 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award, I nominate this NAIOP member:

* 2. Company (if applicable):

* 3. I am proud to make this nomination because ...

* 4. Name of the NAIOP member making the nomination: