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* 1. On Tuesday 4th March the European Court of Justice is due to issue a ruling on whether insurance companies can use gender as the basis for charging different prices for Motor Insurance. At the moment females, especially young females, pay substantially less for car insurance because they are statistically proven to have a lower risk of accidents.

This ruling would potentially change that and would compel insurers to ignore gender. The practical effect of this would be that females would see their motor insurance costs go up while males would see their car insurance costs come down.

We would like to know your opinion on this potential change to Irish motor insurance.

Please mark on the scale given below the extent to which you agree or do not agree with the following statement:

“I agree with the judgement that insurance companies should not be allowed to charge different prices on the basis of the gender of the driver”

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* 2. Do you have any specific comments that you would like to share on this topic?