Monticello Parent Survey

This survey is designed to gather feedback from you regarding various school topics. Information provided from parents will be summarized and contribute to long-range strategic planning. Your participation is voluntary, and responses will be kept confidential. If you have any questions, please contact Alla Breve Consulting at Thank you for your assistance!

Question Title

* 2. Did you graduate from Monticello CSD?

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* 3. Which school is your oldest child attending?

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* 4. For each of the following statements, please indicate your level of agreement based on the experiences of your oldest child.

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree Not sure
My child's teachers expect my child to achieve high standards.
My child's teachers do whatever it takes to help my child meet high academic standards.
I feel like the teachers in Monticello CSD care about my child.
I feel like the administrators in Monticello CSD care about my child.
I feel like the Monticello CSD Board members care about my child.