Please take our brief survey below. Your input will help identify the transportation needs and issues of those that travel in and through Central Massachusetts. We need your help to improve the quality of life in Central Mass!

This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your participation in this survey!

Question Title

* 4. What are the top 3 transportation issues that should be dealt with in the region?

  First Issue Second Issue Third Issue
Poor road condition
Sidewalks in poor condition
Lack of separated bicycle lanes
Limited transit network
Lack of hiking trails
Rising gas prices
Poor air quality

Question Title

* 5. How would you like your transportation dollars spent? Please choose your top 3 priorities:

  First Priority Second Priority Third Priority
Roadway Maintenance
Reduce crashes
Reduce Congestion
Reliability of Freight/Trucking deliveries
Expand Transit Network
Expand Bicycle Network
Improve Pedestrian Network
Reduce the Green House Gases
Enhance access to tourist locations and facilities
Support Emergency Management
Manage stormwater and flood prone areas
Achieve equitable investment

Question Title

* 6. What is the most important transportation project needed in your community?