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Thank you for participating in our Military Marriage Survey conducted by Military Marriage Day (MMD). The vision of MMD is to build strong relationships through inspiring moments while bringing greater growth and connection to all US military couples. More than a holiday, we aim to bridge the gap between service couples and resources so that they can thrive in their relationships.

Taking this survey poses no risk, and your participation is completely confidential, ensuring that your responses remain anonymous and your privacy is protected throughout the process. You can feel confident in sharing your thoughts and opinions, knowing that they will be handled with the utmost care and respect for your confidentiality. If at any point you feel triggered or uncomfortable completing this survey, please do not feel obligated to continue.

Through this survey we hope to get a pulse on the state of our relationships and better understand impacting factors. The outcome of this survey will aid us in advocating for Military Marriage and  help better inform our leaders and resource provides on our actual need.

Your feedback is valuable. Thank you again for participating.
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