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1. Welcome to our survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. It should take about 10 minutes to complete. 

Your contribution is important to new research on the emigration experiences of minority ethnic Irish citizens (including black, Asian, mixed ethnicity and Irish Travellers) who have left Ireland to live abroad, or who have returned to Ireland from living abroad. Firstly, to ensure you are among the group of people we would like to hear from, please answer the following questions:
*NB: Incomplete surveys cannot be counted*

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* 1. Are you an Irish citizen of minority ethnic background (e.g. black, Asian, mixed ethnicity, Irish Traveller)?

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* 2. Have you ever lived in Ireland?

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* 3. Are you currently:

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* 4. How long have you been living outside Ireland, or if you have returned to Ireland, for how long did you live outside Ireland?

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