What is your impact on the Sustainable Development Goals?

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Change towards a sustainable future
The world demands our action. We must change towards a more sustainable world. Every individual and every organization must play a role. That’s why the United Nations introduced the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals provide great guidance in taking the right actions to achieve a better future by 2030. How you are contributing to the SDGs and what are your opportunities for a more sustainable business model?

Microsoft and the SDGs 
The Sustainable Development Goals seamlessly align with our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft has been contributing to the SDGs since 2015. Today, we also empower other people and businesses in their journey towards a more sustainable business. 
About this scan 
This scan, designed by our partner SDG Align and awarded with a Good Design Award, measures your impact on the SDGs. Ready to find out? 
There are 44 questions, and it should take less then 10 minutes to complete this assessment. Upon completion, you will receive your business’ current sustainable development score benchmarked against the SDGs; indicators of areas for improvement; and the opportunity to engage in meaningful change. 
When you start with this assessment, you automatically agree that your contact details will be shared with Microsoft and SDG Align. Your SDG report will not be shared with Microsoft, however, feel the freedom to share it with us. We are happy to collaborate and think along in achieving those improvements. 
Speed up your journey towards positive impact! 
- Jooske de Groot, Director SMB at Microsoft