The issue of breastfeeding through child custody agreements is a very delicate issue and one that can be complicated to navigate. There aren’t many resources out there for parents or legal teams. We are hoping to build a resource that is not only for breastfeeding mothers, but one that is also for fathers and non-breastfeeding parents as well as a resource for the legal representation of these families. We need your help! Sharing your story will help us to build a better toolkit for families going through the same thing. You will have the option of remaining anonymous.

We are collecting stories from those involved in considering breastfeeding during a child custody agreement, including:
1) Breastfeeding mothers (or breastfeeding parents)
2) Fathers (or non-breastfeeding parent)
3) Lawyers and legal teams for these families during the child custody agreement process.
4) Individuals who have formerly gone through a child custody agreement process and have words of advice/encouragement

When sharing your story, here are some questions to consider:

Are you a breastfeeding parent who has been through a child custody/ visitation agreement while still breastfeeding?
Did your child custody/ visitation agreement take breastfeeding into consideration? How did the child custody/ visitation agreement impact your breastfeeding relationship with your child? Can you think of any tools or resources that were or would have been helpful to you as you went through the child custody process as a breastfeeding parent?

Are you’re a father or non-breastfeeding parent who supported breastfeeding through your child custody/ visitation agreement?

Did you support breastfeeding through your child custody process? Did you find that your support of breastfeeding helped your child through the difficult transition of shared custody? What are some tips that you could share about supporting breastfeeding for your child as the non-breastfeeding parent, while also spending quality time with your child?

Are you a lawyer who represents families of breastfed children who are going through a child custody agreement process?

Do you have any breastfeeding-friendly resources that you could share with families to help them through the legal process of child custody agreements? Have you found it difficult to consider breastfeeding when reaching a child custody agreement between families? How common is it for both parents to consider breastfeeding a priority during child custody agreements? Childcare can be an issue for parents of breastfed children, when they are going through the child custody legal process, since children are not allowed in the courtroom. Do you know of any resources or exceptions that can be made for infants who are breastfed rather than bottle-fed as many breastfed babies find bottle-feeding difficult?

Are you a breastfeeding mom/parent who has gone through a child custody agreement while breastfeeding? What words of wisdom would you share with moms/parents going through the same thing right now?

Please write your story below and let us know if you would be willing to share your story publicly, or if you'd rather we didn't share it at all. You have the option of not giving your name as well, if you want to remain anonymous.

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* 2. If you are comfortable, please provide us your contact information.

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* 3. Please share your story, thoughts, or words on breastfeeding and child custody.

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