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In late 2011, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBS FL) terminated its contracts with almost all of its mental health and addiction recovery professionals in Florida. BCBS FL brought in New Directions Behavioral Health to contract with them. BCBS FL also turned over management of mental health and substance use benefits to New Directions. Terminated psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers were invited to reapply to New Directions at substantially reduced reimbursement rates, requirements that impact patient privacy and restrictions on referring patients to care.

We have heard many complaints about how these changes affect patient access to care. We would like you to answer a few questions in the attached survey if you are:

• A patient or insured who has been negatively impacted by the transition
• A professional whose patients report negative impacts, or
• A professional who has been negatively impacted by the changes BCBS FL has made.

Your answers will help us petition for better access to care. Please answer questions that apply to you.

The information you provide may be compiled and provided to Congress, federal and state agencies, BCBS FL, New Directions, or other parties interested in this issue. You do not need to give us your name. You do not need to answer any question that you are not comfortable answering.
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