Please offer the Theology and Inter-Church Inter-Faith Committee your responses to the following questions and any other comments you think would be helpful in considering the understanding and practice of membership in The United Church of Canada.

Your response must be submitted no later than June 30, 2017, for it to be considered by the Theology and Inter-Church Inter-Faith Committee as it prepares its recommendations on a model for church membership for the meeting of the 43rd General Council in 2018.

* 1. Does your community of faith adhere to the current expectations of membership in The Manual?

* 2. Should the United Church make formal provision for anyone who shares the values and mission of the church to affirm a connection to the church that is different from membership?

* 3. On the spectrum below, where do you believe the church’s model of membership needs to place its emphasis?

Belonging and Participation
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 4. Do you prefer Model One (current model) or Model Two (new model) or a different model (please provide some basic details below)? Why?

* 5. Are there any other comments you wish to make (up to 300 words)?