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Please take a moment and answer these questions after you have read this issue’s section on managing chronic pain. Thank you!

* 1. Please rate the usefulness of the information in this article: (Select one)

* 2. This article increased my knowledge of the following regarding chronic pain (select all that apply):

* 3. As a result of the information in this article, I will make the following change(s) in my behavior:

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a. I will be better prepared for visits to my healthcare provider, by developing a list of questions and other relevant information.
b. I will be better able to identify other health problems (e.g., fatigue, sleep disturbance, change in appetite, mood changes) that can accompany chronic pain.
c. I will be better able to describe my pain to my doctor, which will help in diagnosis.
d. I will ensure that my doctor is providing me with clear and accurate information, both by being aware of what he/she should be telling me and by asking for information (e.g., “What Your Healthcare Provider Should Be Telling You”).
e. I will seek information regarding alternative treatments.
f. I will inquire about and possibly participate in a self-management program.
g. I will be more likely to participate in research investigating new treatments for chronic pain.
h. I will utilize the resources provided in the article.

* 4. Please indicate any information you feel was missing from this article, which will be helpful for developing future education.