Welcome to the Medford Community Preservation Survey

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The Medford Community Preservation Committee (MCPC) needs your help defining community goals and priorities related to the Community Preservation Act.

Medford voters adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in 2015. CPA places a 1.5% surcharge on property tax bills that creates a fund to be used for Historic Preservation, Affordable Housing, and Open Space/Recreation. Medford's Community Preservation Committee is in the process of preparing a Plan to guide how CPA funds will be spent over the next several years. As part of this process, the Committee seeks your input regarding community goals and priorities.

Part one of this survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Optional part two offers more detailed questions, which should also be completed in 5-10 minutes.

Thank you for providing your valuable input on how Medford's CPA funds can support the needs of our community.