McMaster Wi-Fi Services

This quality assurance survey asks questions about Wi-Fi services at McMaster University. Your responses will help the university prioritize its Wi-Fi improvement activities.This questionnaire asks about the following: MacSecure (campus), Reznet-WiFi (in the student residence buildings) and eduroam. Any other Wi-Fi network is not provided by McMaster's central IT department (UTS) and is not part of this survey.

This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

* 1. Please select the category that best describes your primary role at McMaster.

* 2. I am mainly affiliated with:

* 3. The following questions are intended to measure your overall impression of the McMaster Wi-Fi network. Where "1" is Strongly Disagree and "5" is Strongly Agree, please select the answer that reflects your immediate response to each statement. If you are unsure how to respond, select "3".

  1 Strongly Disagree 2 3 4 5 Strongly Agree Not Applicable
Overall, I am satisfied with McMaster’s Wi-Fi network
As a student, I am satisfied with with the wireless network in my residence hall room
I have access to Wi-Fi wherever I need it at any of McMaster's campuses
I am satisfied with the level of Wi-Fi assistance I receive from client/customer support at McMaster
McMaster's Wi-Fi network is fast enough for my needs
It is important to me that McMaster provide Wi-Fi coverage outdoors and between buildings
I can connect and stay connected to the McMaster Wi-Fi network
McMaster's Wi-Fi network is widely available
McMaster's Wi-Fi network is reliable

* 4. How often do you use the Wi-Fi network at McMaster?

* 5. How easy was it to get your devices connected to McMaster's Wi-Fi network?

* 6. How many devices (mobile devices, laptop computers, etc.) have you used with McMaster's Wi-Fi network in the last month?

* 7. What type of devices do you typically use to connect to Wi-Fi?

* 8. Where do you use the Wi-Fi network (please check all that apply)?

* 9. What applications do you use when connected to Wi-Fi at McMaster?

* 10. Wi-Fi is available in designated areas only. Expansion is done in stages with priority given to areas of greatest demand. Please indicate the building name and floor or specific location where you would like to see Wi-Fi added.

* 11. What types of issues have you encountered with Wi-Fi at McMaster (please check all that apply)?

* 12. How frequently do you encounter issues with the Wi-Fi network?

* 13. Where have you encountered Wi-Fi issues? Please identify the building name and room number or location.

* 14. Additional comments or concerns?

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