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Our research team is conducting a research study through the Master of Social Work program at Salem State University on whether transgender adults have access to culturally competent mental health clinicians and services in Massachusetts.

I understand the goals of this study include:
• Documenting whether transgender adults have access to culturally competent mental health clinicians and services in Massachusetts.
• Documenting geographic differences of mental health clinicians and services by county.
• Documenting differences based on gender identity, racial identity, economic resources, transportation, and age of participant.
• Documenting if transgender adults are treated respectfully during mental health appointments.
• Documenting whether transgender adults have ever experienced hostility or been denied access to mental health services because of their gender identity.
• Remaining accountable to the transgender community by providing a report and sharing it publicly.

I understand that my participation is completely voluntary and that I may stop completion of this survey
at any time. I understand that I may not receive any direct benefit from my participation in this study. I also understand that some people may find it troubling to participate and I may decline to participate in any portion which makes me feel uncomfortable. I understand that the risks are potential emotional and/or psychological triggering. If at any time I feel that I am experiencing a psychiatric emergency I will call 911 and go to the nearest hospital. Potential benefits include documenting unmet mental health needs and improving services in Massachusetts. I understand that all answers will remain completely anonymous. My part of the study involves approximately 20 minutes filling out the survey. There is no right or wrong answers. The information provided to the researcher will be kept confidential with the exception of the following information, which must be reported under Massachusetts law:
Suspected cases of child or elderly abuse and information that individuals intend to harm themselves or others.

An analysis of the results will be available in the Salem State University Masters of Social Work
Program Academic Building and available through the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition in May 2012. If you have any questions about this research, you may contact us at TeamawesomeSSU@gmail.com or our faculty sponsor, Dr. Monica Leisey. This research project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Salem State University. For concerns about your treatment as a research participant, please contact the IRB, Sponsored Programs & Research Administration, Salem State University, 352 Lafayette Street, Salem MA 01970. (978) 542-7556