Access to fiber-based broadband internet is incredibly important for success in agricultural communities. Whether it’s deploying technology in your fields, having access to online markets, or simply connecting with family and friends, internet access is and increasingly will be a cornerstone of farming. To better serve its residents, Marion County is actively working to connect fiber-based internet access to growers in your area.

Marion County is engaging with private Internet Service Providers to expand access to broadband fiber at speeds up to symmetrical 100Mbps/100Mbps. Completing this survey will help the County build a comprehensive list of areas without access to or with limited access to broadband internet. High speed internet is crucial to support farmers increase their operating efficiency, lower costs, and ensure consistency in a fluctuating climate.

While this survey does not guarantee that fiber broadband internet can be deployed in your area, it will help us plan strategic investments where services are most needed. Feel free to share this survey with your neighbors who may be willing to participate. We are also willing to meet in-person or talk over the phone if internet access makes completing this survey difficult.

This survey will take roughly 5 minutes to complete. Your help is greatly appreciated!

For questions, please contact Eli Heindricks at or 971-209-9606.