Welcome to the Marin County Objective Design and Development Standards Online Survey!
What do you think multi-family and mixed-use development should look like in Marin County?
This survey is an opportunity to provide input on a county-wide project aimed at creating Objective Design and Development Standards for new multifamily residential and mixed-use development. With funding from a State grant (SB 2), 10 Marin County jurisdictions are working together to develop a toolkit to ensure that new multifamily housing and mixed-use developments are high quality and fit in with the surrounding area. When the toolkit is completed near the end of 2020, participating communities will have the option to tailor and apply it in the local development approval process.
More information about the project such as updates, other opportunities to participate, and FAQs can be found on a dedicated project page on Marin County’s website:

This site also has links to other jurisdictions involved in the project.

Participating jurisdictions:
You will be asked to provide your perspective on physical characteristics (images provided) of residential and mixed-use development in three settings: Core, Suburban, and Edge. Please use your best judgement, there are no right or wrong answers. Your input is an important part of the project.
Confidentiality. Your participation in the survey is completely confidential. No personally identifiable information will be collected in the survey. Additionally, data from the survey will be released in aggregate format, where comments cannot be equated with any individual or IP address.