About Manresa Island

Manresa Island was formerly known as Bouton’s Island and then later as Keyser Island.  In the early 1900’s the Island was home to a Jesuit retreat called “Mount Manresa”. In 1953 the Norwalk Zoning Commission approved a plan to build a coal power plan on the island with a 3-1 vote.

The power plant was built in the late 1950’s and was commissioned for use by CL&P  in 1960.  The plant was initially coal powered but was converted to oil in 1972. The site has multiple areas of hazardous materials contamination that are primarily associated with coal storage and coal ash disposal.  Much of the island's forested area sits upon coal ash deposits.

In 1992 a transmission line was installed below Long Island Sound from Manresa to Long Island. In 1999 NRG Energy purchased the power plant from CL&P and operated the facility until June 2013, when it was decommissioned.  Remediation plans are currently being developed and the future of the site is uncertain. Additionally, the site is vulnerable to storm surge and flooding events.  In 2012 the Manresa property was almost completely underwater during Hurricane Sandy. 

The City is currently working with the Manresa Association (a local neighborhood group) to conduct an economic analysis and reuse study to assess potential future uses of the property.  In support of this study, the City seeks your input in assessing potential future uses of this property. By taking the following survey, you will provide us with valuable information that will inform this decision making process. The survey will take about five minutes to complete.

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