1. 19th World Maccabiah Games, TEAM USA Application

Shalom. Please fill out the enclosed Team USA application as complete as possible. If you need to make any changes to your application, please contact the Maccabi USA office at 215-561-6900 or at maccabi@maccabiusa.com.

It is very important that you read the official USA Maccabiah Games cover page thoroughly which can be accessed at www.maccabiusa.com. This details important costs, dates, and participant regulations.
The required shared commitment cost for USA Team members are as follows: Open athlete- $5000; Juniors and Youth athlete- $8000; Masters athlete- $6000 to sponsor an athlete plus a registration fee of $2900 plus the cost of the trip (air/land); Coaches- $2500; Accommodations Managers- $2500; Athletic Trainers- $2000; Full-time Physicians- $TBD; Additional Coaches, Managers or Self-funded Staff: $8000. All costs are subject to change.
The USA Maccabiah Committee may, upon written request, grant a need-based scholarship relief of an athlete’s (Open, Juniors and Youth only) Yachad fundraising goal.

1. Please read all questions, notes, and tips carefully.
2. Your application will not be processed in our office until you submit the full application including the signature page at the end of the application, and the $40 application fee.
3. Please answer as many questions as possible, and answer them as descriptively as possible; doing so will make your application clearer and will minimize the need for any future attempts at clarification.
4. To safeguard against browser glitches and other issues, we recommend you save any long answers (e.g., your sports accomplishments) in a program like Microsoft Word before submitting this form. This way, if anything happens during the submission process, you won’t lose any critical, time-consuming work.
5. If you are applying for a management or staff position, please fill out the management addendum application after submitting the signature page.

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