Dear faculty members and staff of Washington Community & Technical Colleges,

2017 Legislation requires colleges to identify courses using Open Educational Resources (OER). With faculty input, the OER code was successfully defined (SBCTC coding manual, page 45).

During the implementation, it became evident that, in addition to the OER code, colleges needed a way to designate courses that employ other types of affordable materials (e.g., library resources, inexpensive commercial textbooks, etc.).

As a result, a new code was proposed to tag courses that offer low-cost materials to the students. The 2017 student survey identified our students' low-cost threshold to be $50.

We seek your input on defining the low-cost code in a way that is easy for faculty to apply and easy for students to understand.

This survey is voluntary and anonymous. Your input is important and will directly influence the coding practice. Thank you so much for your time.
17% of survey complete.