Leader of the Year Nominations

About the Leader of the Year Award
The award provides a means for SIM to recognize member contributions to the growth, advancement, and excellence of SIM at the local level in 2021.                   

Individuals may nominate themselves or another deserving candidate within SIM. Anyone can submit a nomination. The selection committee will be evaluating all nominees and select four to six of the most qualified candidates, regardless of chapter size.  All nominees will be sent a letter from SIM, recognizing their specific contributions. 

Judging Criteria
The following criteria will govern the selection of the SIM Leader of the Year. Consideration will be given to the following demonstration of participation in SIM:
  • SIM Chapter Involvement and Impact (50%) - The nominee's involvement, contributions and impact on activities and programs of their local SIM chapter
  • Increasing Awareness of SIM (25%) - The nominee's efforts to increase awareness of SIM in their local community
  • Nominee Recognition (25%) - Additional evidence submitted by the nominator why the nominee deserves to be recognized as a Leader of the Year. Include quotes from others in your chapter or related organizations that support the nomination.