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* 1) What is the name of the report, process, or procedural requirement?

* 2) What is the Indiana Code citation, Public Law citation, Indiana Administrative Code citation, or executive order requiring this report or specific procedure?

* 3) What is its intended purpose?

* 4) When does it need to be submitted or performed?

* 5) How often do you have to submit the report or perform the procedural requirement?

* 6) Does this reporting or procedural requirement have an expiration date or sunset clause?

* 7) Approximately how many hours are dedicated to producing the report or performing the specific procedure each time it is required?

* 8) What are some of the positive outcomes of this report or procedural requirement?

9) Overall, how would you rate the value of this report to the following: (Please provide a brief explanation of why you selected a particular rating)

* a) Your office or department.

* b. Your municipality/county.

* c) Local stakeholders/constituents.

* d) The State of Indiana.

* 10) Should the reporting requirement be continued?

* 11) If the reporting requirement were to continue, what changes, improvements, revisions, simplifications, etc. do you recommend and why?

If you are highlighting a specific report:

* 12) To whom are you required to submit this report?

* 13) Does your office or department publish this report or information on your website or another website?

* 14) Were meetings necessary to prepare the report?

* a) Could you estimate and supply the total annual cost of preparing and submitting the report or information?

* 15) Is this report or information required or encouraged by federal legislation? If so, what is the federal statutory or regulatory code citation?

* 16) What specific division, program area, commission, committee or other body within your office/department is responsible for its preparation?

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