About the survey

Mental health issues affect 7.3 million people in Australia; approximately 3 million have a mild mental health condition diagnosed by a mental health professional.

This survey was developed by Alex Sweetman, a private individual who lives in the Albury Wodonga area. He has provided volunteer support for people suffering mental health and disability for several years. In 2013, he was involved in the counselling of patients under supervision of a professional counsellor while studying a Certificate IV in Counselling. In Oct 2017, Alex won the inaugural Hume Bank lifetech challenge competition and received funding to explore the development of his Lift me Up mental health app concept.
All anonymous data generated from the survey may be shared with selected stakeholders from time to time for grant and project reporting purposes.

The purpose of this survey is to confirm the feasibility of building a mobile app to better support people suffering from mental health conditions in-between appointments with their mental health professional.

This survey is open to people with diagnosed with mild mental health issues, mental health professionals and workers.

Please read the following points before agreeing to complete the survey

1.        I have a diagnosed mild mental health issue, or am a mental health professional, or worker.

2.       I am volunteering to participate in this mental health survey and may withdraw at any time without giving a reason. 

3.       I understand that my responses are anonymous, meaning the survey developer does not know who I am. My responses will be kept for a period of five years and then destroyed.

4.       I am aware that I may not benefit personally from my participation in the Lift me UP Mental Health survey and waiver the right to receive any royalties resulting from the commercialisation of any findings.

5.       I understand that I am free to provide or withhold sensitive information about my mental health condition. In the likely event that the survey results are made public, only grouped results will be presented and all responses will remain unidentified.

6.       Please see https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/policy/privacy-policy/ for details concerning storage and transfer of personal information.

 7.       Should I have any problems or queries about the way in which the survey is conducted, I may contact Alex Sweetman by sending an email to aesweetman@bigpond.com. I understand that if Alex cannot resolve the issue, an independent third party will be appointed.

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